Each animal requires individual approach in terms of the nutrition process. If you care about your four-legged friend’s health, the choice of appropriate food is the absolute must. More and more customers are aware of that, by selecting food suited to the needs, lifestyle and age of the pet.

The studies have shown that the same tendencies apply to the nutrition of domestic animals as in the case of the nutrition of humans. A well-balanced diet should be introduced, which limits the health problems and improves the functioning of the body.

In recent years, the humanization trend – transferring human customs onto animals – has become more noticeable. A dog or a cat is like a family member. Owners want to feed their favourites according to their lifestyle, activity, thus eliminating the risk of illnesses.

Functional products for cats

In line with the latest trends, we offer our customers a line of functional foods for cats:

for sterilized cats and after castration
for sensitive cats
improving the hair ball expulsion
for cats with a tendency towards obesity
for mature cats above 7 years of age

The entire line is in the form of chunks in gravy:

  • as a single pouch 85g, 100g
  • in foil 4 x 100g, 6 x 100g
  • in display 12 x 100g




The condition for maintaining our pets’ good shape is the selection of appropriate food. The food must be suited not only to the age, but also to the size of the breed, as the need for nutrients is different depending on the animal’s size.

The population of small dogs (up to 10 kg) is rapidly growing. 4 of the 6 most popular dog breeds in Poland are small breeds. They need other food than large breeds, they are more demanding, they can suffer from digestive problems more frequently, they are susceptible to allergies, which influences the skin and fur appearance. Little pets live around 15 years, that is longer than medium and large breed ones, however, they reach their senior years at the age of 7. Which is why it is so important to satisfy their needs in terms of nutrients, so that they can enjoy a good health and shape their entire lives.

Small dog owners are convinced of their uniqueness and they are right. Which is why our experts have developed an innovative MINI line for small breed dogs. Appropriately selected, high quality ingredients and an addition of vitamins and minerals meet small pets’ specific needs.


The key MINI line functional features:

  • OPTIMAL DIGESTIBILITY owing to beet pulp, being a natural source of dietary fibers and presence of iron supporting metabolism;
  • VITALITY due to Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids contained in sunflower oil;
  • HEALTHY SKIN AND FUR thanks to the presence of zinc and Omega-3 & Omega-6 acids.


In the interest of the health of our little friends, we DO NOT ADD the following to our pet food:



artificial colorings


Our customers are offered MINI line products in the form of:

  • Chunks in gravy
    • in a single pouch 100g, 150g
    • in foil 4 x 100g, 6 x 100g
    • in display 12 x 100g
  • Pates in aluminum cups 150g, 300g
MINI line for small breed dogs




The basis of a healthy and well-balanced diet of our four-legged friends should be animal protein. Dogs and cats are predators, they mainly eat meat, which is why it is also worth implementing eating habits that are most similar to the natural ones. 

In times of advancing humanization of dogs and cats and stronger trend in terms of returning to their natural eating system, we offer our customers a new line of NO GRAIN food.

NO GRAIN food is a guarantee of a balanced diet. Our recipes are created based on natural ingredients, guaranteeing the highest food quality. By eliminating grains from the diet, they ensure an eating system based on a meat diet, owing to which they constitute the perfect source of protein and fat necessary to maintain good health and fitness. The especially developed composition reduces the risk of digestive problems and obesity, improves digestion, reduces the risk of caries, strengthens the fur and enhances the well-being of our beloved pet.

NO-GRAIN line is 100% natural food ensuring proper development, health and energy of cats and dogs.


NO GRAIN pet food:

  • Chunks in gravy ADULT and LIGHT
    • in a single pouch 85g, 100g, 150g
    • in foil 4 x 100g, 6 x 100g
    • in display 12 x 100g
  • Pates ADULT and LIGHT in aluminum cups 100g, 150g, 300g
NO GRAIN pet food for dogs and cats