Company history

  • Establishment of Mispol S.A. in Białystok, commencing operation in the meat processing industry as pâté and tinned meat manufacturer

  • 2002

    Construction of a modern tinned meat plant in the Special Economic Zone in Suwałki

  • Debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

  • 1990

    Beginnings of the company, first successful attempts at animal food production

  • Formation of KSK BONO s.r.o.

  • 1993

    Commencing dry food production in Heřmanice, dynamic sales growth

  • Opening a plant in the Brod nad Labem Commune; Registration of such brands as BONO, Petty and Joly

  • 2000

    Obtaining ISO 9001 quality management certificate and permission for export to the UE countries

  • 2007

    Taking over KSK Bono by Mispol S.A.; Taking over Agrovita company, the producer of ready-made meals and fruit and vegetable products

  • Commencing production of wet food in Suwałki

  • 2009

    Starting the production of wet food in Białystok

  • Acquiring a strategic investor, NDX Energija

  • 2016

    Purchase of two new lines for the production of pouches, 100g and 500g, as well as a new line for the production of pâtés in aluminum

  • Purchase of another line for the production of cuts in pouches, 100g

  • 2019

    Spinning Mispol Food sp. z o.o off; Automatization of the line for packing cans at the  Białystok plant