Our proposition of pâtés, tinned poultry, pork and beef meat, as well as tinned fats are well-received by the Customers both on the Polish and foreign market.

We know how to provide for all tastes of our Customers; thus, we propose not only classic pâtés and luncheon meats, but also additional products that are a delight to the palate. First of all, these are delights with pieces of meat, pâtés with additives: mushrooms, pepper, tomatoes but also aromatic lards with meat and onion. All of these delicacies are produced in the Mispol plant in Suwałki, one of the most modern ones in Europe.


The high productivity of our plants permits us to offer production volumes customized for the needs of the Customers. We fulfil orders covering both long batches allowing to minimise the manufacturing costs and short batches satisfying urgent or lesser supply needs.

The plant in Suwałki has the potential to produce 2500 per month. The whole technological process, from the delivery of raw materials and materials for production , throughout preparatory processes and raw material treatment to end of the filling stage, sterilization and storage of finished goods, is controlled according to the plans of control and inspections approved and supervised by the veterinary inspection. All of these production processes, including packaging, are subject to strict procedures regulated by the HACCP system.

We offer products in metal and aluminium cans produced by major manufacturers of packagings. We use modern vessels , machinery for filling and closing of individual packagings and autoclaves, in which the products are subject to the process of sterilisation. We provide long expiry dates and microbiologic stability, confirmed by storage tests.


    The individual packagings:
  • Easy open cans: 300 g, 330 g, 400 g
  • Standard aluminium cans: 50 g, 75 g, 100 g, 110 g, 130 g
  • Non-standard aluminium cans: 110 g (trapezium), 200 g (square), 300 g (square)
  • Glass jars
  • Plastic packaging

Bulk containers

    The proposed bulk containers:
  • Cardboard packaging s (laminated cartons, cartons with flexo print, cartons made of solid board)
  • Displays - laminated, with flexo print or plain
  • Trays made of corrugated board - laminated, with flexo print or plain
  • Foil sacks

The products

We know all about delicious and nutritious food products; as, we produce tinned meat and pâtés since 1997. Today our assortment can be found on the shelves of shops of the main Polish and foreign sales networks.

What guarantees the excellent taste of our products? The long experience, relying on known, tested recipes and continuous improvement of the production, which the Technology and Development Department cares for. The proof of the high quality of our assortment is also the IFS certificate granted to the plant in Suwałki.

Setting the Customers’ satisfaction for our goal , we take care of the natural taste of the products using selected and known ingredients.
We propose creating the Private Labels that have a high position in the product categories:

Mayonnaises in glass packaging of diverse weight
Mustards in the glass packaging
Pâtés in easy open cans and aluminium cans
Luncheon meats in easy open cans and aluminium cans


Podlaskie Mayonnaises

The delicious high quality mayonnaise produced on the basis of tested recipes and by using products only of the highest quality . Perfectly cream, will splendidly accentuate the taste of every dish. Podlaski Mayonnaise 260 ml, 730 ml

Podlaski Mayonnaise

260 ml, 730 ml

Podlaskie Mustards

Mustards in diverse flavours. Mild stołowa, sharp horseraddish and sharper sarepska is an obligatory set in every kitchen.

Sarepska mustard


Stołowa mustard


Horseraddish mustard



Nutritious and filing, in reasonable price, for the real gourmands.

Poultry and pork pâté

290 g

Pork and poultry pâté


Pork and poultry pâté with plum


Poultry and pork firmowy pâté


Poultry and pork firmowy pâté with pepper


Poultry and pork pâté with mushrooms


Poultry and pork pâté with tomatoes



Tourist delicacies for the most hungry travellers. Aromatically seasoned , nutritious and delicious, and also in handy packaging.

The Tourist Tin


The Tyrolean Tin


The Tourist Tin


The English Goulash

Ideal proportion of meat and spices guarantees the excellent taste. Your sandwiches will be enriched and your stoppers diverse.

The English Goulash

(pork 54%) 300 g

Kresowe Luncheons

Delicious kresowe luncheons with a high meat content. You should try all of them to pick the best one.

Minced pork ham

(71% of pork ham + 24% of pork meat) 300 g

Pork in its own gravy

(86% of pork meat) 300 g

Minced pork shoulder

(72% of pork shoulder + 19% of pork meat) 300 g

Minced pork neck

(35% of pork neck + 52% of pork meat) 300 g

The knights’ luncheons

Delicious and nutritious, the knights’ luncheons with great additives. You will enjoy all of them, both in the pork knuckle variant or the bacon variant.

The knight’s luncheon

(pork- 77%) 300 g

The knight’s luncheon with knee knuckle

(pork- 85%) 300 g

The knight’s luncheon with bacon

(pork -61%) 300 g

BB Line

Excellent pork and poultry ham nad lard with meat and onions, in a little, handy packaging. Ideal portion for a snack during the day.

Minced poultry ham

(poultry meat- 59%) 110 g

Minced pork ham

(pork ham- 58%) 110 g

Lard with meat and onions

110 g