Every animal requires an individual approach to the nutrition process. If we are concerned about the health and well-being of our quadrupeds, then the selection of suitable food is the basis. More and more Customers are aware of it; therefore, they choose food adapted to the needs of the pet. Thanks to the Mispol Company offer, one can also find good products under the Private Label of the cooperating network.
We offer a wide assortment for nutrition of all breeds of dogs and cats, both adults and puppies or kittens. Dry and wet food constitutes a rich offer, in foil and metal packagings and in aluminium packages.
The assortment dedicated to animals is produced in the three divisions: KSK Bono in Czech Republic (dry food), The Production Plant Nr. 1 in Suwałki and The Production Plate Nr. 2 in Białymstok (wet food). All of the plants operate on the basis of IFS certificate, which rely on elements of the Codex Alimentarius, National Law , HACCP, GMP and the European Quality System. It is a proof to the Customers, that the production processes take place according to the international food safety standards.

We have productive, well-expanded production lines guaranteeing high and repeatable quality of the products:

  • The production line for chunks in sauce/jelly ( 100 g [3,5 oz.] sachets)
  • The production line for chunks in sauce/jelly ( 415g [1 lb. 3 oz.] , 830 g [2lb. 6 oz.], 1250 g [ 3lb. 9 oz.] metal packaging)
  • The pate production line (metal packaging 415 g [1 lb. 3 oz.], 830 g [2lb. 6 oz.], 1250 g [3 lb. 9 oz.], aluminium cans 100 g [3,5 oz.], 300 g [11 oz.])

Dry food

The dry food is the most popular food for dogs and cats. On the one hand, it is a convenience for the owners of the pets, on the other– caring for the health of the quadrupeds. The dry Mispol foods are the products easy to serve, easy to absorb and adapted to the nutrition needs of the pets of all ages.


For the convenience of the customer the dry food is available in many weights – foil bags (colour and transparent), flowpacks(also with a holder), stabilopacks and big bags.

    The proposed individual packaging:
  • Flowpack foil (colour or transparent): 400 g [1 lb. 2 oz.], 500 g [1 lb. 6 oz.], 1 kg [3 lb.], 2 kg [5 lb. 11 oz.], 3 kg [8 lb. 11 oz.], 5 kg [14 lb. 10 oz.], 8 kg [ 1 st. 9 lb. 10 oz.], 10 kg [1 st. 7 lb.]
  • Flowpack foil with a holder (colour or transparent): 2 kg , 3 kg, 5 kg
  • Stabilopack foil (colour or transparent): 400 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 2,5 kg [7 lb. 5 oz.]
  • Big bag: 600 kg, 800 kg
  • The proposed forms of closure:
  • easy lock

Bulk containers

The products with Lower capacities are packed in bulk packaging. We deliver our products on Euro pallets.

    The proposed bulk containers:
  • Bulk container for food 400 g: 16x400 (1024 pcs.), 30x400 (1200 pcs.)
  • Bulk container for food 500 g: 14x500 (869 pcs), 25x500 (1000 pcs.)

The types

In the production of dry food we apply the most modern technologies, remembering to be in concordance with the natural environment. All the raw materials, which we make use of, come from known suppliers. Thanks to that, the ingredients and nutrition profiles of our food meet the specific nutrition needs of dogs and cats on the different stages of their lives.

Dry foods for a dog

Dry foods for a cat

Wet food

The high quality of the wet food is an essential condition not to worry about the well-being of our dogs and cats. The foods produced by Mispol, range in taste, so as not to ever bore the pet.


For the convenience of the Customer the wet food is available in many packaging variants. We offer individual packagings among others: cans, aluminium cans, sachets and bulk packagings.

    The proposed individual packagings:
  • Pouche: 300 g - 500 g
  • Cans: 400 g, 800g, 1250 g
  • Aluminium trays: 100 g, 150 g, 300 g (square)
  • Sachets: 100 g, 150 g plain / with direct print
  • Packed sachets: foil (4x100 g, 6x100 g)
    or a box (12x100 g, 24x100 g)

Bulk containers

We offer bulk containers (cardboard, displays, trays or sacks).

    The proposed bulk containers:
  • Cardboard packagings: laminated cartons, with flexo print, made of solid cardboard
  • Displays: laminated, with flexo print or plain
  • Trays made of corrugated board: laminated, with flexo print or plain
  • Foil sacks

The types

In the production process we rely on the raw materials that come from known suppliers and the modern technological processes. We take care that any of our activities are in concordance with the natural environment . We want to maintain the high quality level of the offered wet food, to be able to meet the growing demands of a today’s Customer.

Wet foods for a dog

Wet foods for a cat