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Mispol operates In the foodstuff branch, mainly In the meat processing sector . We most of all specialize in the production and distribution of pâtés, tinned meat, lards, mayonnaises and mustards.

The second segment of Mispol’s activity is the production of food for animals. We have production potential, technological infrastructure that permit us to offer a wide range of commodities dedicated for both Polish and foreign market.

The key activity the Mispol company is the production of Private Labels for the needs of cooperating sales networks. We have many years of experience in the Private Label field and rich infrastructure in terms of technology and quality of the production. We produce an assortment of strictly defined quality values and reputation that guarantees success of sales.

Our mission and quality policy

We care about our customer’s satisfaction manufacturing good, safe and handy products for people and their pets.


We care about our customer’s satisfaction manufacturing good, safe and handy products for people and their pets

We believe that in a globalizing market , the real value of the offer are just better than others and better than ever offered



We set the most demanding quality goals and we continuously try to effectively deliver all declared objectives

We care about the reputation of a reliable business partner


Own Responsibility

Producing the products of the highest quality values, safe for human health, we conscientiously care for complying to all the provisions of the existing law

We carefully select all suppliers of raw materials


Our History

The Mispol Company is on the market for approximately 20 years. It was founded in 1997 as a producer of pâtés and tinned meat. The gradual increase of participation in the market, expanding its activities and successful acquisitions has caused that today the Mispol Holding Company is an important international corporation, assortment of which can be up for sale in several countries in Europe and throughout the world.

Company history - timeline


The foundation of Mispol S.A.


The erection of a modern plant in Suwałki Special Economic Zone


The setting up of a new plant in Special Economic Zone and free zone in Belarus, our debut on the Stock Exchange


The acquisition of Agrovita Company, the producer of prepared dishes and fruit and vegetables preserves
The acquisition of Bono company, the producer of food for domestic animals


The acquiring of the strategic investor - NDX Energija

The production plants

The technological and logistic potential of the Mispol company consists of 5 plants equipped with modern production lines. All plants are subject to strict technological and sanitary regime and full monitoring (on the basis of HACCP system). Thanks to that we are sure that the taking place processes – from the delivery of raw material to the manufacturing of the final product – proceed smoothly and with respect to all required rules.

The production infrastructure:

Suwałki - Poland

The two production plants in Suwałki

The plant in Suwałki, which produces a wide assortment of tinned meat and pâtés, is one of the most modern in Europe. It has a potential that enables establishing stable and satisfactory business relations with cooperating networks. There is also The Plant of Food for Domestic Animals there in Suwałki, that operates since 2007. The plant operates on the basis of the most modern technology applied to the production process, guaranteeing all the works take place according to the international food safety standards.

Białystok - Poland

The two production plants in Białystok

The production plant nr. 5 in Białystok has over 60 years of tradition and experience in the food production. It is machinery guaranteeing the efficiency of processes set to manufacture the products of the highest quality. There also operates The Production Plant Nr. 2 in Białystok, which specialise in the production of moist food for animals.

Heřmanice - Czech Republic

The one production plant in Czech Republic

The KSK Bono plant in Czech Republic specialise in the production of dry food for dogs and cats. It is up-to-date technological lines and production processes carried out according to the international food safety standards.

All the plants belong to the Mispol Group and make use of the IFS certificate granted by Bureau Veritas. The plants are equipped with modern technical and technological solutions, satisfying not only the requirements of the Polish law, but also the EU law, including the HACCP system.

The export

The products of the Mispol Company are sold both on the Polish market and to the rest countries of the EU, the CIS countries, the Balcan States and Israel. We are proud to cooperate with the leading sales networks, for which we produce a wide range of products under their Private Label.

We export to:

  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Kosovo
  • Lithuania
  • Cyprus
  • Latvia
  • Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Germany
  • Nigeria
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • Hungary
  • Great Britain
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Norway

The certificates

The proof of the competence of the Mispol Company are the IFS certificates (International Food Standard), granted by Bureau Veritas to all the plants belonging to the Group. It is evidence of our relentless efforts and aspirations to obtain better and more satisfactory results. What is the IFS certificate? It is the guarantee for the cooperating counterparties that Mispol is a stable trading partner. To us, it is a proof of how important robust capital in the form of competent, experienced people that constitute its foundation, is in the development of any company.

The internal regulations

Statut MISPOL S.A.
Regulamin zarządu MISPOL S.A.
Regulamin walnego zgromadzenia MISPOL S.A.
Regulamin rady nadzorczej MISPOL S.A.
Regulamin wydawania akcji MISPOL S.A.